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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

The web page screen resolution simulator is actually a blank space that is used to adjust the resolutions of a web page in different modes. These simulators are available to use for free of cost and come with other bundled utilities suitable for marketing, designing, and development.

Once you stimulate a web page, the customizable features enable you to change resolutions according to every possible device including notebook, desktop, tablet, Smartphone and even the television too.

Even some simulators also enable you to customize the resolution manually. You just need to know the screen size of a particular device for which the website is being created. There is a list of online tools that are dedicated to testing the screen resolutions of a website.

If you want a one-click solution rather than exploring the websites, there is also an option of installing plugins to your browser. For instance, Google Chrome is offering multiple plugins that can test a webpage in its runtime environment. A webpage Screen Resolution simulator tool will help you test your site with different resolution sizes to check responsiveness using our free tool. You can check in real time by entering your URL http://www.yourwebsite.com or http://yourwebsite.com, then select the required resolution size to test and click on the check button to simulate your site.

How does the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool work? 

Using a tool of screen resolution simulation is not a difficult thing. A person having average knowledge of using the internet can easily operate this tool. You just need to open a website that provides an online tool of resolution stimulation. After opening it, follow this procedure:-

Open the online tool and you will find a page where space for entering the URLs will be provided.

Copy the link of your website and paste it in the URL section.

Right below the URL, all resolutions will be mentioned from 160X160 pixels to 1600X1200 pixels. You can select any of these resolutions according to the capacity of the device. For instance a notebook of 1366X768 pixels resolution. Click on the check button and a new window will appear illustrating the desired resolution.

In this new resolution, you check the functions and the entire content of a website to make sure that it is working properly. If any content is going out of the resolution, the designer can customize it again.


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Advantages of Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Helps in mobile first indexing

Mobile first indexing already rolled out by Google and it has become essential for every website to become compatible according to the resolution of Smartphones. It the website is not optimized accordingly, the crawlers of Google will not index your website properly.

A large criterion of internet users are already accessing through Smartphones and their number is aggressively increasing. If you want to stay in the competition, the adoption of change is the only option.

Improve search engine optimization on different devices

The search engine optimization for every device differs on the basis of resolution. For instance, the SEO for mobile sites and apps will be different from desktop sites. If your website is not optimized according to all popular resolution, there will always be issues regarding its marketing.

For effective digital marketing, designing and development are also equally responsible. If the resolution is not compatible with the content, it creates difficulty in crawling that ultimately affects the ranking.

In short, the search engine optimization of a website will be successful only when its resolutions are optimized according to the perfect placement of content. For instance, if the area of a website is not working properly where keywords and backlinks are mentioned, it will directly affect your ranking.

Identifying errors to improve the user experience

During the designing and development phase of a website, you need some effective tools that can check for real-time errors. The errors can be from both back end and front end. These flaws directly affect the user experience which is most important than any other objective of a website. The errors with resolution adjustment can be rectified only with the help of a webpage simulation tool.

You can enter the link of every page individually to make sure that its content is organized accordingly. If any error becomes apparent, it can be rectified instantly so that users will not have to face any problem once the page becomes active on the World Wide Web.

From the above information, it is clear that a webpage simulation tool is essential for both designers as well as marketers. Without optimizing a page according to the resolutions of desktop, tablet, notebook, and smartphone, its launching is worthless.

Points to Know about this tool

  • A web page screen resolution tool will help you to check visually how elements are responding to different resolution sizes for responsiveness.
  • Use of this tool will help you improve Search Engine Optimization for a different type of devices.
  • Increases website traffic from social media, mobile, a tablet from different media and gain maximum ROI.
  • Checking website or webpage with different resolution sizes will help you to find issues and helps you to build better user experience.
  • You can check unlimited sites without registration or downloading software. The main aim of the tool is to check the responsiveness of your site.