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What is www Redirect Checker?

The WWW Redirect checker is an online tool comprising capability of tracking where an affiliate link is going and the affiliate link involves in this redirection. A user just needs to enter the domain name in order to obtain results that show the type of redirect & Redirect URL. There are 5 types of URL redirects that you will come to know in the below article:

Now which you realize what redirection is, let’s have a look at some commonplace types of HTTP redirects:

  1. 300 Multiple Choices: This involves a number of options that the client may follow. For example, different format options for video, word sense or files with different extensions.
  2. 301 Moved Permanently: In this redirection process, all the future requests to a specific URL will be redirected to a pre-assigned URL.
  3. 302 Found / Moved Temporarily: Under the HTTP protocol of the Internet, it dictates how URLs work. There are two main versions of this redirection i.e.
    “302 Moved Temporarily”  and " Found"
  4. 307 Moved Temporarily: This is a kind of temporary redirection in which only a single request is to be repeated with another URL. All future requests while accessing a link still use the original URL.
  5. Meta Refresh: Meta Refresh is a page level redirection rather than the server level. This is the least recommended redirection for SEO purpose because the process is very slow that may result in a high bounce rate. A URL redirect through meta refresh shows the message “If you are not redirected in five seconds, click here”. Internet users cannot wait for that long time to reach their desired page.

Why do we need WWW Redirect Checker tool? 

1. Guiding the crawlers

A website running on the server is regularly crawled by bots sent by Google search engine. Once crawlers go through the URL, they inspect all elements whether it is tet, video links, images, meta description or anything else. If the crawlers find any kind of errors as shown above it will not be able to identify the purpose of your website consequently indexing will be affected.

Broken links, errors or pages without information are harmful for the reputation. The instant way of guiding the crawlers is redirecting. However, you need a reliable tool to track down the online redirection of every link. In this situation, the WWW redirect checker tool works very effectively.

2. From the perspective of SEO

As an SEO expert, you cannot tolerate even a single mistake that leads to the website backward in the ranking competition. In case if you have not redirected the broken links or other page errors to a healthy link page, it will directly impact on page ranking.

If the crawlers of Google fails to collect information regarding indexing, there will be a big loss of your online business. A WWW redirection checker tool is helpful in identifying whether you are optimally utilizing the link juice for SEO by redirects or not.

3. Reduction in bounce rate

It is also important to check the URLs redirection for accuracy because inaccurate redirection leads the end user to an irrelevant page. Such kind of silly mistakes are the main reasons for bounce rate increment which is not good for any online business.

A tool of WWW redirection checking can make you sure about the accuracy. By tracking the path, you will be able to identify that the referred link is not going to mislead end users.



How does the WWW Redirect Checker tool work?

A WWW Redirect checker tool works very conveniently. All you need a working internet connection and device to access websites. Search online for these tools and you will find a long list. Choose any of them and follow this procedure:-

  1. Open the website that is providing a free tool of checking WWW redirections where you will see a section to paste the URL. Some tools allow you to inspect a single URL whereas some have the facility to check the URLs in bulk.
  2. Now, open the link that you want to inspect in the next tab.
  3. Copy its link and paste in the space provided in that tool.
  4. Complete the captcha and Click the execute command and wait for a few seconds to see the results.
  5. You will see the result in a table where URL is redirected properly or not.

Advantages of WWW Redirect Checker 

  • It helps the users that 301 redirections (www or non-www) is working properly or not.
  • The search engine can easily find genuine pages to index rather than indexing other similar pages. Thus making only single URL format without duplicating the pages.
  • Sends automatically to different pages as per instructions provided by web server files such as htaccess or web config file.
  • It helps to find successful redirection URL status provided by the user.
  • A WWW Redirect checker tool is necessary for SEO experts because they always have to be aware of the broken links and their instant resolution. Losing the opportunity of utilizing link juice or misguiding the crawler because of the errors cannot be tolerated in this era of cut-throat competition of digital marketing.